Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Owd Git across the road (non humour post)

This person seems to thrive on pissing off all his neighbours ..

what he did to us ... shopped us into the local planning dept during our build - with the result the building is half finished while we deal with masses of red tape .. and its gonna cost an additional £600 for planning permission and blueprints - meanwhile my motorbike and the trailers are outside rotting away when they could have been undercover during all this bad weather - ARRRRRGGH

Part One of my revenge .... he drove his car around our square yesterday - despite the fact he has no Driving licence .. and while carrying his little rat dog in his arms .. and going too fast while the kids were all out playing snowballs and making snowmen ...

Guess who got Photographic evidence of this and shopped him to the cops :)

Revenge is .... 1. Sweet
2. Best Served Cold
3. And not even started yet

oh and the kids all snowballed his house last night - much to my amusement :)

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