Saturday, 5 June 2010

Updates Updates ......

Ooh its been a while since I updated ya all here goes

1. The Builder Situation

As expected ...he didn't respond to the letters and we have seen nothing of him since the last time ... so reluctantly its time to get the lawyers involved .. and since I have had to do this ..hes gonna pay and pay BIG for fucking us over ... more to follow Im sure

2. The Warrington Wolves

Currently having their best season ever in my memory and I cant afford to go to the games but thats life I suppose ...

3. The Manchester Titans

The youth team is following in the finest Bulldog tradition by currently standing 1 - 2 after 3 games .. we play the Scum a week tomorrow in a must win game .. a win and the league blows wide open a loss and our season is effectively over .....

The Senior team are faring a little better you could say :) .. they have 3 wins out of 3 and I have been roped into photographing them (at least at the home games for now) as well

here we see the trailer tent set up as a hotdog stand at the Gateshead home game .. (remember the idea that the Bulldogs said would LOSE money and be a waste of time and effort) ... well the Titans went for the idea ... we made over £90 clear profit on the day (and the players ate free) so suck on that Naysayers

4. The Bolton Bulldogs

What can I say ... despite repeated requests for picture credits the players and staff at this organisation continue to ignore me ...mmm lets see, I take the pictures for them FOR NOTHING, i transfer the copyright to the club FOR NOTHING, and they cant even be bothered to give me a simple picture credit ?

well I have an answer to that .... sod em, I am in the process of severing all ties with this club

5. The new Temp contract

I hate home deliveries at the best of times ...its just not my scene having to deal with members of the general public on their own turf .. plus the days are rather long (11-12 hours) and the temperature over the past 2 weeks has been bouncing off the top end of the scale ...... but Moneys money and beggars cant be choosers so I'll stick with it for a while - trouble is Im very good at my job, and Im in real danger of being offered a permanent position there, I already have an assigned area, a "regular run" in courier parlance .. oh god please NOoooo :)

6. Santander and the mortgage situation

As a result of being screwed over by the DSS (see previous posts) we have fallen a little behind with the mortgage payments ..and last Friday received the following phonecall .. "this is an Important Phonecall for Mrs. Andrews or M. R. Andrews from Santander ..etc etc." .. so as I was expecting this I went through the situation with the advisor and explained what had gone on, and agreed to keep in touch with them on the matter .. this should give us some time ( I thought ) ... but NO ... on the following day the phone rang ..... "this is an Important .."  Oh for fucks sake ... OK so I explained the situation AGAIN to the advisor and said "I will let you know at the end of next week how things are going .... sounds reasonable right ? ... then we entered the Bank Holiday weekend ...come Tuesday morning however ... the phone rang AGAIN ..."this is an Important" .... oh FFS, I am not explaining it again so I hung up,

Since then regular as clockwork twice sometimes 3 times a day the phone rings ... 

"this is an Important........"

I give up ... bloody banks are all the same, shock horror  - like I dint already know that, oh and their solution to my current financial crisis? .... have they stepped in and offered help ? ...if you think that then you obviously have no experience with the British banking system ... no their wonderfull solution to my crisis to ring me 3 times a day every day to get me to explain the same thing over and over again ..oh and to add insult to injury ...charge me £40 (added to the mortgage account) ..EVERY MONTH ..while the crisis continues ....  yea this is the age of the caring sharing banks aint it ?


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  1. "The Senior team are faring a little better you could say :) .. they have 3 wins out of 3 and I have been roped into photographing them (at least at the home games for now) as well"

    ^^ Honestly bud, if you don't feel like doing it don't worry bout it! It is nice to have someone taking the pictures, you know we appreciate it everytime!!!!!!! but I don't wanna feel like we are 'roping' you into it.