Friday, 18 February 2011

ooh look an update :) .... or shit happens

Greetings everyone ... its been a while, chasing temp work all over and hassles with the bloody DSS have all contributed to this tardyness ....  okies excuses over, so where to start .....

The Bloody Garage

No progress as you can see on the build, and the next step is to take the bloody builder to court (which costs money that we dont have ... bollocks)

Movie Review Time Again 

A remake of the Swedish (I think ... well some Scandinavian country anyway) film.. "Let the Right One In", and they did .... a decent job of it.

This is a cracking little film with two believable and engaging leads, the visual effects and gore are kept to a minimum so that when they appear the shocks are genuine.

A great movie 7/10

Will Bill Nighy ever make a BAD movie ?  Well certainly not this one, he is in superb form as the French learning hitman assigned to go after Emily Blunt's minor con artist, this film is one of those gems that you discover and then are so glad you did, its a complete smile a minute from begining to end, with some genuine laugh out loud moments, even Rupert Grint freed from Potterland gets the chance to stretch his acting chops.

buy steal or rent this one,  highly recommended   9/10

Another day ... another sequel .... but suprise suprise this is great, I enjoyed the first movie but always felt a bit uneasy at the Cats all being villans (as a Cat lover meself) allthough Mr. Tinkles was a memorable villan.. Well in this superior sequel Dogs and Cats must unite to stop the most evil genius yet, the despicable Kitty Galore ...and thats all the spoilers you're getting

Grab this movie, settle down with your kids (if you haven't got kids borrow someone elses) and enjoy :)

Superb   9/10

Another sequel, having enjoyed the original movie when it came out i SO wanted to love this movie...but it left me hollow and wanting more, sure the updates to the disc game, and the lightcycles were brilliantly done and the nod to the original Paranoids was also well done, but like AVATAR before it, the visuals took precendence over plot.

On the plus side the visuals are great, the leads and the supporting cast are good, even the music is bearable (not a major fan of Daftpunk)

so why was I left wanting more ?

I cant quite put my finger on a specific reason, but this film could have been so much better

Good Effort   6/10

mm the first of the summer of superheroes blockbusters, well its....not a bad movie, but....its not a good one either, the best way to some it up would be ..meh

Dont get me wrong, Rogen and Chou as the leads and especially Waltz as the villan are superb and bring life to their comic book roles magnificently, but the fly in the ointment is Diaz, she is completely miscast here and her presence grates every time she is onscreen.

Good, but not great   6/10

The new TV Season

Lets take a little browse through the new series coming to our shores (for those of you who dont just download things straight from the US , here are my top 5 recommendations :)

lets start with a remake ... and this show is ...SUPERB, taking all the best parts of the original show and putting a modern slant onto it, in the first 5 episodes alone you will learn the origin of the phrase "Book em Dan-O" and how the "Five-Oh" taskforce got its name.

The Eye candy is good both for the ladies and the gents, and the whole project is handled with care, the scripts are good, the set pieces superb, and the acting first class.......HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :)

ah Raylan, Raylan... what an anti-hero :)

how to best sum up this series without spoiling it for you?

US Marshall Raylan Givens shoots a cartell member in Miami and is reassigned back to his hometown where he deals with the fact that everybody knows him, his father is a petty crook and his best friend just likes to blow shit up ...

Olyphant is excellent, the supporting cast are superb, the scripts tie together in a full season story arc, but can still be watched as a casual viewer, well made and again HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :)


ah the spin off series from the hugely popular NCIS (which itself was a spinoff from JAG ... is this the first time a spin off has spawned another spin off ?) OK I'll stop waffling and get back to the review ...

This show is as well written and acted as its parent show (which is high praise indeed) the cast is superb and the style of the show is just different enough from its parent to make it a worthy stand alone series in its own right ...

Another Highly recommended rating :)

Now into its third season in the US, not sure if its showing in this country yet, this show is the usual buddy cop formula with a twist in that the female lead is the detective and the male lead is a writer shadowing her for research for his next novel...

and that doesn't even scratch the surface of this superb series
Fillon even gets to insert nods to his previous well loved roles (Firefly anyone?) the banter between the leads is superbly witty, the supporting cast is superb .. i could go on but space forbids it ... give yourself a treat and catch this series ....SUPERB and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :)

And Finally ......

This is an acquired taste, you will either love it or loathe it, personally I love it, its the role the later years Shatner was born to play, he sends himself up mercilesly in every episode and everyone knows someone like this.

very very funny if you "get" where the writers are coming from :)

Thats all for now folks   (see mr Stephenson .. I promised you an update ...enjoy )

JD :)

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