Saturday, 26 March 2011

RANT Time again .....

OK ...The warmer weather is getting here and the idiots are out on the roads again ....

So for the benefit of you car drivers and to save my professional driver bretheren a lot of grief heres a quick reminder of some basics

This is a Motorway ......

now dont be scared its quite safe IF YOU USE IT CORRECTLY !!!!

The lanes marked by the GREEN dots are the inside or SLOW lane .... if you are in this lane you should be travelling at a minimum of 56 mph traffic permitting ...that way you dont cause chaos behind you when that large truck that is gaining on you (but is limited to 56mph) has to move out into the middle lane (blue dots) to pass you ....

Now if I am in my truck in the middle lane (blue dots) its because some idiot has forgotten this cardinal rule and its no use tailgating me and flashing your lights wont make my speed limited truck go any faster

The Overtaking lane (red dots)  trucks are not allowed in this lane because of the speed limitation so please feel free to use it instead of tailgating me.

Oh one last thing before I move on .... if you see a truck in the inside lane with his right hand indicator on denoting the fact that he wishes to move out into the middle lane to pass the idiot driving at 50mph in the inside lane ... THIS IS NOT A SIGNAL FOR YOU TO ACCELERATE PAST HIM IN THE MIDDLE LANE and if you do and he clips you because you were in his blind spot then you only have yourself to blame because now I've told you what that signal means :)

The highlighted part is a SLIP ROAD

You use this to accelerate to a minimum of 56mph (traffic permitting) so that you are travelling at the same speed as the slowest of the motorway traffic ..this enables you to join the traffic flow on the Motorway safely

YOU DO NOT WALLY DOWN THIS AT 30MPH THEN BRAKE AT THE END WHEN THE TRAFFIC APPEARS TO BE FLYING PAST YOU !!!!! .... doing so will only get you a truck embedded in the back of your car and a quick visit to hospital (if you are lucky)

Safe braking distances ....and how to spot them .....

Take a look at the photo on the left

Now then .....   the Green section is correct ..he is far enough back that he can react to any situation that occurs in front of him ,  the Orange section are a little to close but with modern brakes and tyres  they may just get away with it


Now heres an easy way to make sure you are the correct distance away ... pick a stationary object (Bridge or lamp standard) when the vehicle in front of you passes it count to 3, if you are now passing the same object you are far enough back ...simples yes?

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