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Worlds Laziest Blogger updates finally :)

Okies, Hi everyone (if anyones left), I'm gonna make a determined effort to update this blog more often from now on, so stay tuned and see if I can manage it ;)

The New Season on TV 

Firstly ..lets start with the crap ... heres the scenario, a US nuclear sub is given a launch order over a secondary command route, it is authenticated and then ... they request a confirmation over the normal channel .. ok I can just about buy this in the interest of moving the story along, then without warning ONE OF THEIR OWN SHIPS FIRES AT THEM?

Sounds exciting doesn't it ? here are the many problems with this series so far,

1. They not only have female officers aboard, but female MARINES as well ? - oh and one of the females appears to be 3rd in command of the boat !

2.  They also have on board a secret prototype device that makes the sub harder to detect

3.  once the above transpires, they make a run for an island that conveniently appears to be very close to their location and has a NATO monitoring station on it ...and by this time I'm losing the will to live

this is not to mention that this island is run by a criminal syndicate which takes offence at the marines landing and kidnaps 2 of them (one female - yeah couldn't see THAT coming)

to sum up ... this is crap of the highest order, lazy plotting that wouldn;t be out of place in a 70s soap opera, acting so wooden the entire cast could have been bought at Ikea, I could go on but I think you get the picture ...avoid this like the plague unless you think Pop Idol is the height of intellectual entertainment, in which case you'll love this series ;)

RED ALERT ..this one should be left to sink 2/10 and one point of that is the effects work

To rinse my mouth out after that shite, here's 2 that ARE worth a look....

Interesting premise, a surgeon whos brother gets into a liitle bit of bother with the Chcago mob offers to work off his debt...

opening sequence ... vets office, a mob member (we assume) is lay on the operating table with a screwdriver embedded in his temple and making a lot of noise (as you would , I suppose) ..enter the doc and the fun begins ... I wont spoil it for you but its a memorable opening scene..

Unlike the last pile of shite above, this is a well written pacy series, with a largely unknown cast who play their roles with gusto,

The balancing act that Grace (the doctor in question) must perform between her medical life saving duties and the demands of the mob are the main focus of the series so far, but the supporting characters are beginning to flesh out and the stories move along at a nice pace, the scripts are tight and believable ...

highly recommended 8/10

Ooh look its another Mob series .. (is this the flavour of the year with the US networks ?)

2 things ... this is a very very good series so far and just take a look at the 2 lead actors

OK .. premise time, its Las Vegas about 5-10 years after the mob moved in, some of the Casinos are built and the town is starting to grow, with the inevitable frictions between the locals and the new arrivals. Corruption is rife the DA is on the take and theres been a murder ...

Enter Quaid a retired MP back on his ranch with his 2 (or maybe 3) sons who is enraged by a low flying aircraft scaring his herd who sets off on horseback to remonstrate with the air traffic controller much to the amusement of Chiklis the mob boss who has just arrived on said plane to take over running of some of the casinos ..

This is another well written series that has a stellar cast and an intruiging premise that should have some durability, the pilot succeeds in introducing the main characters and does a reasonable job of fleshing out the supporting cast.

again highly recommended 8/10

I will continue to review the new series that caught my attention as they launch in the US 

Now onto some returning favourites.. and its a mixed reaction from me

Lets start with the most consistently entertaining series of the past few years

Sons of Anarchy for those of you unfamiliar with the series is the story of a motorcycle gang based in the town of Charming and its brushes with the law and other rival organisations.

Written by Kurt Sutter,  a showrunner who really cares about his material and his audience (see the extensive presence of behind the scenes and Q&A sessions on You Tube - sutterink) this is a show that goes beyond what you would expect from network television and to date (3 episodes into season 5) has yet to have a bad episode.

The cast are excellent from Charlie Hunnams portrayal of Jax - the main protagonist of the story to Ron Pearlmans superb portrayal of Clay, the aging leader of the gang and lets not forget Katey Sagal stretching her acting chops as Gemma the matriach of the gang ...and I can go on and on there is just no bad casting on this show, every actor pulls at your emotions, enraging you (when Clay does "nasty shit") making you laugh (see Juice in a nappy) and envoking sympathy ....

The praise for this show is widespread and deserved, if you haven't given it a chance yet ..then start with season 1 episode 1 and enjoy the ride (pun intended)

Cannot recommend this show highly enough 10/10

Another returning favourite just starting season 6 in the US is this show, if you haven't heard of it by now, you must be living inside a box on a remote island somewhere, so I wont bother you with having to read a plot summary and instead just comment on the opening episode of season 6 for you ...

and it was ... DISAPPOINTING on many levels, yes the cast are all back and the characters are still there, but the show seems to be retreading old ground and slipping away from the geeky references and culture clash occurrences that made this show so entertaining for its first few seasons, it is becoming a formulaic american sitcom and that is a waste of a great cast and intruiging premise ... here's hoping that the season improves and returns to its best.

4/10 for the season 6 opener ... the show generally hits a 7-8 its not as funny as its thinks it is but its still an enjoyable way to waste 30 minutes

 Boss now just into its second season is an interesting show, Kelsey Grammer stars as the ruthless Mayor of Chicago Thomas Kane in a role thats a million miles away from the affable, pompous Frasier Crane.

with a fabulous supporting cast, great scripts and a nice gritty realism the first season barrelled along nicely right up to the final episode bombshells that spoke of a series about to be cancelled, to my (and I suspect the producers) surprise Starz picked up the series for a second run and this season if anything is better than the first.

if you are a fan of behind the scenes machinations and plots then this is the series for you ,,,recommended 7/10

and finally heres a series that has just finished its first run in the states and had deservedly been picked up for a second season ....

What can I say about this series that hasn't already been said ?

accolades and award nominations have been flying in to HBO for this series and for once its not hype, they are well deserved.

Jeff Daniels leads an all-star cast in one of the most well written, acted and directed shows to surface on american television for the last 5 years

now dont tune in expecting a take your brain out easy ride, this is a series that makes you consider whats going on in the world and how its reported to you in your living room, I'm not gonna give away any spoilers on this show, just give your brain some exercise and tune into this show.

From Daniels to occasional guest star Jane Fonda, the cast are on the top of their form and the nuances that Daniels brings to the lead gives lie to the people that thought he was a one dimensional actor.

Like Sons this show does not have a bad episode yet and i fervently hope they can maintain the quality in season 2

superb show 10/10

Right hope you all enjoyed this update and I promise to be more diligent in updating in future.. if your REALLY good I might even update you on the great garage build :)  (and yes its STILL not finished after 3 years of delays)

have fun and take care til we meet again

JD :)

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