Wednesday, 13 February 2013


This is one of Ian Duncan Smiths despicable henchman

his name is Mark Hoban

This is the full text of his response to yesterdays court ruling

as ever my comments in yellow

The Minister for Employment (Mark Hoban MP): The Court of Appeal has today ruled that the Government’s back-to-work schemes do not breach Article 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
Whilst the judgment supports the principle and policy of our employment schemes, and acknowledges the care and resources we have dedicated to implementing them, the Court of Appeal has ruled that the Jobseeker’s Allowance (Employment, Skills and Enterprise) Regulations 2011 (“the ESE Regulations”) do not describe the employment schemes to which they apply, as is required by the primary legislation.
The Court of Appeal has therefore held the ESE Regulations to be ultra vires and quashed them.
Well at least he acknowledges the courts authority
We are seeking permission to appeal against the Court of Appeal’s judgment and, if permission is granted, we will take our case to the Supreme Court. As we are currently seeking permission to appeal, claimants who have already served a sanction will not be able to appeal on the basis of the Court’s decision until our appeal is heard.
But he doesn't agree with it and is stamping his tiny feet that he cant have it all his own way and is now trying to be appealing (I know awful joke - but I'm allowed one) - and then we get to the important part .. as the government is seeking to appeal (only seeking, the appeal is not actually lodged) the poor sanctioned people can not get their rightfull money back, 
mm sounds like more Tory dodging to me 
We are considering a range of options to ensure we do not have to repay these sanctions.
And if we dont win the appeal or are refused the right to appeal, then we are going to change the law so we dont have to give this stolen money back
Today we intend to lay new regulations which will come into force immediately and enable us to continue to refer Jobseekers Allowance claimants to our employment schemes and to provide the best chance for people to find employment.
and we are going to enact new rules immediately so we can go on stealing from you

Its amazing how fast legislation and rule changes can be passed when something goes against these bastards aint it ?
Yet the DWP/Atos scandal continues to kill 26 people per week at the last count and it still gets endlessly debated and reported on and nothing gets done...
I would say double standards if I thought the condems had any standards
Instead I'll just say bastards and leave it at that


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