Friday, 9 July 2010

Movies and other rants

Hi folks .. its been a while aint it, the necessity of earning some money to keep our heads above water and other things has left me somewhat distracted ...

SO ... whats been goin on .... well the Titans Youth team are livin up to the Bulldog standard, having won their first game of the season they have now dropped 4 straight ... deja Vu is kicking in, allthough I have made my decision in the fact that I am stayin there for next season, The seniors team however are unbeaten to this point, but are looking wobbly, its only a matter of time unless they snap out of their complacency.

Still no progress on the garage front, but a more detailed post on that will follow when I can be bothered...

and now ... ITS MOVIE REVIEW TIME ... Barry Norman I'm not but I will give ya my honest unbiased opinion

The A Team
What a missed opportunity this movie is, it could have been so good, the plot is there (just) , the cast is generally well done, but the direction lets it down so badly, the entire movie shoots along hopping around the world like a rabid rabbit, hardly pausing to draw breath or give time for character development, with the end result that the characters appear 2 dimensional at best, the set pieces are OK but there is a feeling of been there, seen that before, that came over me while watching...

FAILED EFFORT .... 3/10 for trying

The Losers
Now this is how you do an action movie, its sort of a rip off of the A team concept mixed with a dash of Predator 1, the cast is top notch, my fear is that people will not give this movie a chance due to the above, well do yourselves a favour, skip the A team movie and go and see this instead, it is so superior in every way to the above movie, the direction is spot on the characters are given room to breathe and the audience is given time to catch its breath in between the action scenes ....

SUPERIOR ACTION FILM ....  8/10 would have been higher but for unoriginal concept

Clash of the Titans
Expected to hate this movie as the original was pretty uninspiring and oh look Liam Neeson is in this one as well phoning his part in, that bitch apart this is a very very good reworking of the story, I could say Pegasus was a white winged horse not black, accordin to legend, but that would be nitpicking for its own sake, top notch cast, great direction, nicely paced and the action sequences are nicely done ... best of this summers blockbusters so far by a large margin

VERY GOOD REWORKING ... 8/10 .. nice nod to the original with the clockwork owl :)

The story of the first all female rock band in the U.S. this biopic pulls no punches in telling its story, not disguising the tale in any way, its all here, I had misgivings when I first heard the casting for this, but Stewart and Fanning are both excellent and believable in their roles, If I had a complaint to make about the movie it would be that it focuses too much on Currie and Jet, the other 3 girls come across as mere cyphers despite the fact that Lita Ford has become far and away the most successfull of the band since the split, however as the film is based on Curries' book I suppose this is inevitable, make no mistake this is a very good movie, it could have been better had they wished to push the ratings envelope a bit, the movie is very PG-13 when an 18 cert would have been a better movie all round, but the music is done well and the supporting cast around the band are excellent

SUPERIOR BIOPIC  8/10 ... both lead actresses stretch their craft away from their usual Candyfloss roles

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