Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Gee ..its been a while since I updated this .. i always was a lazy diarist, time to get you all caught up on the comings and goings in my little world .......

1.  Wingnut and University

 Remember this little road trip to the left .. well James decided to go to Solent Uni so the whole exercise wasn't a waste, only  trouble was ... moving in day clashed with the day of the Britbowl final, which left me in a dilema because of prior commitments to the Titans senior team .... read on for more

 2. Titans Seniors and Britbowl

Having breezed through the regular season 10 -0 the Titan seniors battled through the playoffs to make the Division 2 final where they would face the unbeaten London Olympians to decide the best Division 2 team in the country ... In the end the London team proved too strong and the Titans went down
35 -13 (7-7 H/T) ..

but a good time was had by all and Division 1 football beckons next season ... heres the team from that fatefull day .....

3. Titans Youth

A season that started with a bang ended with a whimper .. we finished dead last in our division with only the one win to show for our efforts ... BUT it was a solid start and we now have a core of experienced players to draw on for the 2011 season ...
one can only hope and work hard ... but I really want us to beat the scum next season ....

4. The Great Garage build

I am begining to believe that the Olympic stadium will be finished before this f**king thing ...

The final ultimatum letter was posted to the builder in mid November and is reprinted below .....

Mark Williams
Marsh Builders
3 T*** C****


Dear Sir,

Despite Several attempts to contact you by phone in the last 2 weeks you appear now to be no longer taking my calls or doing me the courtesy of ringing me back when you see I have rung you,
this leaves me with only this written option and this letter serves as stage 2 of the recommended procedure as outlined in the Supply of Goods and Services Act (1982), the letter sent to you in May of this year being the first stage of this process.

I require you to complete this build which you have been paid in full to do no later than the first week of December 2010, failure to do this or provide a satisfactory reason why this cannot be accomplished will constitute an immediate breach of contract and leave me no option but to pursue the matter through the courts.

Make no mistake about this FINAL DEADLINE, should you fail to respond to this letter and complete the build within this timescale, then I WILL be pursuing the matter legally and you will be reported to the Trading Standards Authority

Time is of the essence on this, it has gone on long enough, it is now ONE YEAR since you agreed to do this job and I have been more than patient with you on this matter.

The choice is yours

Yours Faithfully

Ian G. Andrews

we await developments .... but I fully expect him to miss this deadline and force us to take the whole dreary mess through the courts ....

5 . ME .. and my bloody back

well after suffering with back pain since my little reverse swan dive onto concrete 3 years ago and the doctors prescribing stronger nd stronger painkillers ( I take so many at the moment I rattle when I walk) .. things finally came to a head when I missed the Titans pre season meeting with back pain and folded up during a normal working week ... off to the quacks I went with Bunny in tow to get some action this time .... after reviewing my case the Doc agreed it was high time we got to the bottom of this (no pun intended)

Net result ... gonna get irradiated on Thursday (x-rays) and a full bank of blood work to discover what the problem is and if it can be fixed .... something needs to be done as if I cant work a full week then we gonna be in serious trouble money and mortgage wise ... hears hoping we find out that whatever is wrong is fixable .....

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