Tuesday, 30 November 2010

another update ....wow aren't you lot lucky ?

Hello friends :)

heres some bits I missed in the megapost update last week ........

1. The Mighty Wire

Well the best season in my living memory for the wire ended with another challenge cup win and finishing 3rd in regular season

and due to finances this year ....didn't get to watch a single game live ..... sometimes life sucks

2.  Garage build update

one week to the deadline remains and still we have heard nothing from the scarlet pimpernel (otherwise known as our builder) ... the court and the trading standards department await him ...and should he miss this deadline ..his full name and business contact details will be printed on this blog to prevent others falling into his trap......


Avatar (and Directors Cut)

Well .... this movie was about what I expected from all the hype surrounding it ... stunning visuals, stunning lack of plot and over-long... The Directors cut of the movie.. weighing in at 20 minutes LONGER is ...... how it should have been really, the additional footage expands the story and gives more background, making it a better movie all round

7/10 (original movie - mostly for the visuals)
9/10 (directors cut - the movie it should have been originally)

 Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time

I got this out of curiousity, yeah yeah another video game into movie adaptation.. and its got Jake "boring" Gyllenhall in the lead ... however I was pleasantly suprised, the film romps along at a nice pace, the acting is passable and about the level you would expect from this kind of movie, and Gemma Arterton is gorgeous as usual, Ben Kingsley as the baddie and Alfred Molina as the comic relief, it would have taken a spectacularly bad director to mess up that formula, fortunately ..he didn't .... a nice way to take out your brain and enjoy a couple of hours


 and finally .....Me

Well the Blood tests have come back .... and I'm as healthy as a horse ...blood wise (shock horror) .... we still await the X-rays to get to the "bottom" of the problem with my back ... will update you all when I know more :)

cheers everyone 

JD :) 

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