Tuesday, 6 November 2012

DANGER DANGER -see what the buggers are up to now ...

This week instead of a humorous post I want to draw your attention to what the bastards in Westminster have in store for you .. this could be the most BLATANT piece of Tory nest feathering I have ever seen and its sneaking through as we speak ... as always my comments are in Yellow.

This abortion of a bill is called the Growth and Infrastructure Bill and you should all know and be warned of its consequences .....

The government will "remove excessive red tape" in a bid to boost economic growth, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has said.
Opening debate on the Growth and Infrastructure Bill at second readingon 5 November 2012, Mr Pickles said England's planning laws would become less bureaucratic, energy firms would find it easier to build new power stations, and faster internet connections would spread across rural England.
Sounds good so far doesn't it ...now read on
The legislation also sets out a scheme, announced by Chancellor George Osborne at the Conservative Party conference, for workers at small businesses to trade employment rights for shares in their companies.
"Only enemies of aspiration will oppose this modern embrace of co-operative values," Mr Pickles said.
Say that again..because I cant believe what I'm reading, small business owners (who are traditionally MORE likely to bully employees than large organisations) will be given the LEGAL right to bully their employees into giving up their PROTECTED LEGAL RIGHTS !!!
But shadow communities secretary Hilary Benn said the proposal was "absolutely astonishing", arguing that participation in the scheme would soon be compulsory for new employees at some firms even if it were voluntary for current ones.
At least someone is speaking sense (and the truth) ..well said that man. not that it will do any good - keep reading ....
"For the first time that I can recall, employers will be allowed to buy their way out of legislation that protects their workers," he said.
"What on earth is the connection between giving an employee shares, and taking away their fundamental rights in the workplace?"
Bravo .. but you are a lone voice of reason my friend and this bill will pass because the Tories employers (read rich backers) have not made enough money in this term of parliament yet
He argued that changes to the planning system would not improve the economy while ministers persisted with their "failed economic policies".
The legislation also betrayed Mr Pickes's lack of trust in local politics, giving him "the ability to nationalise planning decisions in respect of as many authorities as he likes", the Labour frontbencher claimed.
So ... in plain English ... and for an example ..they want to build a massive rubbish tip at the bottom of your road serviced by 300 bin lorries daily, naturally there is a large outcry and you and your neighbours get up a petition and exercise your democratic right to protest.. and it works !! and the local council stops the development of the tip ....UNFORTUNATELY FOR YOU, this is a pet project of one of the Tory backers (to fund his new diamond crusted cigar clipper maybe) this bill gives central government (read those Tory bastards) the right to REVERSE that decision and you get the tip next to your house ANYWAY ...and there's NOTHING you can do about it, you have NO LEGAL RECOURSE ...enjoy your tip .....
"In no time at all he has gone from claiming to be the friend of localism, to taking a hammer and a sickle to local democratic decision-making," Mr Benn said.
"This is not a growth bill, it's not going to get the economy moving, it's not going to build infrastructure; it's a must-be-seen-to-be-doing-something bill," he concluded.
No I think it is far more dangerous than that .. its the beginning of the end for your rights as a citizen ..Orwell was just a few years out when he wrote 1984
Under the legislation, some infrastructure projects would be referred to the secretary of state, rather than local planning authorities, to be determined within a 12 month timetable.
The bill would allow for planning obligations (section 106 agreements) relating to affordable housing to be renegotiated with the aim of making development economically viable again.
Section 106 agreements allow a local planning authority to enter into a legally-binding agreement or obligation with a land developer over a related issue, such as a requirement to build affordable social housing.
OH MY GOD ... could you get a more blatant example of nest feathering than this ? ..... mr big business Tory backer gives a promise that if he is allowed to buy this land (at a knockdown "here's your backhander" price probably) he will construct social (read cheap) housing on part of it in return for his shiny new warehouse (cant be a factory anymore - we don't have the skills left in this country thanks to the shambles of an education system left by successive governments -  but that's another argument)
This section 106 agreement (as its called) can now be declared NULL AND VOID ..and the rich bastard gets his warehouse and we the poor sheep get to live in a cardboard box if we're lucky ...
The bill also makes provision for a planned revaluation of business rates in England to be postponed.
AND THEY ARE GONNA PAY LESS TAX as well !  - or at minimum no increase while the rest of us absorb ever increasing tax bills for everything ....

I would say write or phone your MP to stop this bill before it becomes law if I thought it would do any good .... if you still believe in the democratic process do it today..get your petitions going ... me .. from long experience I dont think it will make any difference ..welcome to Orwells vision for the UK enacted by a small group of money grabbing bastards that we voluntarily gave the power too .. poor misguided sheep that we are ... the last time this happened was about 1936 in a country called Germany ...remember what happened next ?

I wish you all well ...

JD :(

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