Monday, 19 November 2012

Only one thing really worth posting about this week

If you really care about the most vulnerable people in the United Kingdom and what is being done to them by the current government then you need to read this report.

It is by turns, tragic, frightening that this could be allowed to happen and annoying that the mainstream media are more bothered by the latest contestant on some reality TV show than in covering the greatest cover-up and scandal in the last 20 years

ONE SIMPLE FACT .. more people have DIED as a direct consequence of this policy IN ONE YEAR! .. than soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq COMBINED in the LAST 10 YEARS !!!

Please take the time to read the report and if it angers you as much as it should as a decent human being, then print it out and take it to your MP,

STOP THE COVER UP, expose these practises.

While the government commissions reports and more reports on this ...PEOPLE ARE DYING

here are the links please take the time to read them

here is the introduction

and here is the report itself ...

please feel free to pass on these links ...lets stop the slaughter of our most vulnerable part of society

And REMEMBER ....YOU are just ONE ACCIDENT away from being at the mercy of these nasty bastards...

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