Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Saga of the Garage build part 4

After much messing around with the council planning dept. courtesy of the Owd git across the road, we got the go ahead to carry in the build  on January 10 ... with snow on the ground we rang the builder and told him he could carry on when he was ready and the weather cleared ...

when the snow finally cleared in mid January we called the builder to see when he would be coming back to finish the build ..he said I'm just finishing another job and then I'll be there ...we said fine thats OK

On January 22nd we got the builder around and politely enquired when the build was to resume

he said "I will be there 3rd of February"

and how long to finish the build ?

"7 days tops"  (thats Feb 10 for those of you keeping count)

I say "thats fine, and to allow for weather you can have 10 days - how does that sound?"

"Oh thats great - no problems at all then "

skip forward to February 3 ...

Builder TURNS UP (whoopee !!) drops off his cement mixer and says "I'm just gonna go pick up some materials"  ....then promptly vanishes for the rest of the day

Feb 4th ... No builder ...rang hiim  "Ive got to go to a funeral" - Oh OK thats fine see you tomorrow then

Feb 5th ... NO builder ..no answer on his phone

Feb 6 & 7 (weekend)  No builder

Monday Feb 8  ...No builder ...rang him ... "I was the worse for wear after the funeral Thursday and my van needs to be taxed today" .....GRRRR...Fine we'll see you tomorrow then ?

"oh for sure"

Tuesday February 9  - No builder ..message to his answer phone... "where are you and what is the excuse this time ?"

we await developments ......

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