Saturday, 27 February 2010

The saga of the Garage build ...part 5

To bring the story up to date far

Feb 12 2010

Builder finally rang back ...

"oh sorry my phones been off, my van failed its MOT and i have no way of getting to you at the moment"

Thats no problem we'll pick ya up and you can do some bricklaying with the materials on site here

"ah Im just doin another job at the moment"

I knew it !!!

OK when can we expect to see you ?

"I'll get the van sorted and finish the job - dont worry"

what about this bloody skip in the yard, you said it was gonna be removed?

"They've not taken it yet ? - OK i'll sort it"

Sunday 14 Feb 2010 .... I ring skip hire firm directly and ask them to remove it :)

a couple of weeks pass .........

FRIDAY 26 FEB 2010

Still no builder and skip is still in yard ......

Ring Builder AGAIN
"im picking up a van on Saturday - then I will finish off the current job and be with you end of next week - promise"

OK I'll hold ya to that .....

rang skip hire firm AGAIN

"Move your bloody skip will ya"

"no problem we'll be with you either today or tomorrow"

Saturday 27 February

I await developments :)

**Update**  0920 27/2/10  yay skip man here and skip go bye bye :)

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