Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Southampton trip 23 and 24 Feb 2010

My stepson decides he wants to check out Southampton Solent Uni so off we trot on the bIke in February ...brrr

first part of the trip cold but ok was down to Bristol to stop over night at a friends ...

the fazer got a nice warm alarmed garage to sleep in and some company :)

Then off to Southampton maps said 60 miles ..yeah right actual mileage 124 ...and after a bit of messin' about in southampton town centre we finally located the uni ...

heres the fazer chillin with the students :)

Then came the nightmare of the trip homeward ...all was fine until Oxford when the heavens opened .....

and we ran into rush hour traffic on the M42

Between spray and traffic got very frustrating ...stopped at Hilton park services to dry off and post a fb update ..(modern times eh....) cleaned visor and we set off into the night ...within 2 miles visibility through visor was zero ... did usual bikers trick, pick a fast car and follow its taillights , this soon got us under the lights at Lymm, which resulted in a very quick blast over Thelwall viaduct and home

Bike screaming for chain lube at the end, but never missed a beat ...Yamaha reliability

and unlike its started first push of the button this morniing ..:)

Total Trip Mileage  475

Weds Mileage  313

3 tanks of fuel @£14

2 Burger meals each (cost more than fuel did !!)

and ...

Winter Biking is for the young or very foolish ...:)

Or Idiots like me who had no choice

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