Saturday, 13 March 2010

A Little Trip to Wales

Missus decides she needs wicker baskets and as we have only found one shop that sells em a little trip to Wales is in order ...

 First a stop for Breakfast at THE best diner in North Wales.

The food is of a uniform High quality always, the place is clean and staff friendly

if ya wanna find it its right there on the A55 just after Chester ... ignore the Subway and Maccy D's on the same layby and give your tastebuds a treat

On way to Anglesey we decided to slip off the A55 and check out a craft shop just past Caerws - so glad we did epic old furniture at prices you wouldn't believe .. like a solid oak dining table big enough to seat 8 - with 6 chairs and all for less than £600 and many more ... a worthwhile stop :)

Then onto Anglesey to the place with the longest name in the world :)

and to the shop located at the station (the ONLY place we've seen wicker baskets for sale)

Unfortunately when we get there....


But they do stock some nice models :) - added a Hurricane and a Mosquito to my collection :)

Feeling a little downcast at not gettin what we set out for, but glad of gettin out of Warrington for the day together we decided to check out Beaumaris and after tootling around the town centre for a while I took a wrong turning down a back street and BINGO a shop selling wicker baskets - YAY :)

Now all we need is somewhere to stop (not easy in Beaumaris) - nipped into a side alley and was amazed to see a van ... with 2 Warrington Wolves stickers on its back doors (what an omen)

Bunny gets her baskets ... we have a nice day out in Wales and the mighty wire stuff Bradford 33 - 8 to round off an almost perfect day :)

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