Saturday, 6 March 2010

The saga of the Garage build ...part 6

To bring our story up to date :)

Builder due to be with us  ...the end of next week ...

Thursday March 4 ... No builder answer on phone

Friday March 5 ....No Builder ... No answer on phone - left message to contact me before end of day or very latest Saturday Morning

Saturday March 6

11.30  Rang Builder answer again  - left following message on his answer phone

"OK this is the 7th time you have broken your word and have been unreachable - thats it Im calling Trading standards on Monday"

11.31 Builder rings  :D  ..... sent him a busy signal

11.33 Builder rings again .....let it go to voicemail message ....(revenge is sweet)

11.35 Builder rings again ....sent him a busy signal

11.40 ... recieved text from builder .. it read ......"Can you phone me please I cant retrieve voice mail"

Im enjoyin myself by now so I let him sweat it out til 12 (anyone else believe he cant get voicemail on his mobile ?   :D :D)

1200 - rang Builder went to answerphone ...left no message

1201 Builder rang :D :D

"Hi Ive been away in Shrewsbury on a job and didnt have my phone with me"

Who goes that far and doesnt carry their mobile ...and if his van is off the road.. how is he getting there ?

"oh really said you would be with us the end of this week"

"yeah ...this job is taking a bit longer than i expected"

Followed by a long list of his woes ...which of course I deeply sympathised with

"so how long is this job gonna take and when can we expect you ?"

"10 days - 2 weeks at the most then I will be there to finish the job"

Yeah right

"I'll arrange for all the remaining materials to be delivered next week - that way you can see where your money went, and everything will be there ready for me to finish off the job"

"thats fine - that will buy you a week of grace with the wife and at least everything will be here"

"you have been more than patient with me, I wont let you down"  anyone else buying this line ?

"and I swear - once that job in Shrewsbury is done I will be with you" - Yeah Ive heard that before

"OK - heres my counter proposal ...1, by all means get all the materials delivered ....2, keep in touch and let me know when they are being delivered so I can be in to receive and sign for them ...3, next Saturday when you get up come down here for 10 minutes and bring with you the following ..... A piece of paper with your restart of work date, estimated finish date and a record that the job is fully paid for and sign it .......bring that and we are golden"

there is a pause at the other end ....

"OK thats fair I suppose - I'll see you next Saturday"

"and I will hear from you during the week regarding the deliveries ?"

"yep - no problem"

"and you will have your phone with you and answer me back promptly ?"

"OK - thats fair"

"fine - I'll talk to you next week and see you next Saturday then ?"

"OK no problem"

Amazing what the threat of bringing in the heavys will do aint it ? :D :D

we await developments next week

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