Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Non Political one for a rest :)

My blog of late has been taken over by justifiable anger over whats happening in my native land, but just for relaxations sake today I thought I would get you all caught up on what is happening to the TV shows I recommended to you in earlier posts ... One snapshot review coming up ...strap in, here we go ...

ARROW going from strength to strength with a superb cast and an intiruiging and engaging storyline

Renewed for a second season and justifiably so

keep up the good work 8/10

**** my Dad says   stayed strong througout its run with no duff episodes but poor ratings conspired to kill off the show, it was always gonna be an uphill struggle for this show

Killed off  .... a pity

Good while it lasted 7/10

Boss  kept up the multilayered storyline well but struggled to maintain viewer interest, great performances from a good cast and strong writing do not guarantee sucesss

Another one bites the dust ...

It was hard going but worth the effort  7/10

Castle has just begun its 5th season run in the states and shows no sign of loss of quality, Fillion and Katic remain as engaging as ever and as with all long running series the supporting cast are coming into their own and becoming real people

Long may it continue and a fairly certain renewal coming

Still Quality TV 8/10

Last Resort .. The pilot was rubbish and the series did not improve from the poor start, whichever exec commissioned a full series run of this shite after even reading the pilot script let alone seeing the pilot should be let go in the interests of quality TV

Cancelled thank god 

Worst show ever ? .. no but it was pretty close 1/10

The Mob Doctor .. started promisingly and had potential but seemed to lose its way a bit mid season and then the focus of the series changed and too many ideas were thrown into the mix, a pity because it was an intriguing premise let down by poor writing

Cancelled ... a mercy killing if ever there was one

A shame but the actors did well with what they had  5/10

Vegas .. If you are tuning into this expecting a gritty "Sopranos" style mob drama your gonna be disappointed, having said that its an engaging series with two strong leads and a great support cast that is more than a pleasant way to kill an hour or so

Renewed for a second season .... Good it deserves it

An enjoyable show to watch, doesn't tax your brain but then again, its not trying to    8/10

The Big Bang Theory, I expressed doubts about the new run of this series in my earlier post ... I should have had more faith in the writers and cast, after a shaky start the season took off running and was as funny as ever, the dynamic has changed with the marriage of Howard but thankfully they have started to play down the Raj is gay bit, just throwing little gems our way about once an episode now.

A Certain Renewal as its the second highest rated show in the states

Keep up the good work guys and gals  8/10

Chicago Fire.. Like Vegas before it this show is a pleasant way to while away an hour of good TV, the cast is good they have multi overlapping storylines that arc throughout the season and its well acted, however its ratings mean that its on a decision at the moment

Will the Axe fall ? we can hope not this show deserves a second season

Solid effort 8/10

Justified .. just starting its 4th season run in the states this great series seems to be picking up speed, they have adopted the "villan of the season" formula that works so well for other series and its not a bad thing it gives an entire season for the story to build rather than trying to establish, tell the story and conclude it in an hour. Strong cast and writing should see this series survive for another year

A Fairly certain renewal ... thank god

An improving series 8/10

Nashville .. The pilot of this series surprised me by being such quality and I am pleased to report that the quality has not fallen during the first season run, in fact this show improves week to week, the 2 leads are superb, the supporting cast have their own storylines and it all ties together well.

Renewed for a second season .. a critical and commercial hit, that dont happen to often.

Great show, if they keep up the quality writing it should run for a while 9/10

NCIS- LA the spinoff show of a spinoff show thats generating yet another spinoff... yep this series is doing so well that this season they are gonna try and spin off another series from it.. that maybe stretching the idea a bit far but hey it worked for CSI ... didn't it ?

Not only renewed but heathily breeding :)

A solid and enjoyable show with a great cast and writing 8/10

The Newsroom ... quality TV with a great cast and superbly incisive writing lets hope they keep up the quality in season 2, this is the only series that can possibly prevent Nashville scooping all the plaudits come awards season.

RENEWED ...currently filming the second season

Superb TV 9/10

Hawaii 5-0 .. a remake thats better than the original ? betcha it is, like Vegas and Chicago Fire its not trying to be earnest TV its just a great way to pass an hour, the cast are excellent the writing superb and the locations .... wow aint Hawaii pretty :)

Currently Airing and certain for renewal methinks

Great show 8/10

Sons of Anarchy ... I've saved the best for last, this show continues to get better and better season 5 was bloodier and more raw than ever as the story builds towards what must be one hell of a finish

The network have such faith in this show that they allowed the last 3 episodes in the season to be extended to 90 mins to flesh out the story and good on em for that

RENEWED ..Currently filming season 6

Superb series, great cast deserves every award going but due to the subject matter will probably scare off the awards voters ...a pity ....10/10

Hope you enjoyed this brief respite, probably back to the bile tomorrow, we cant go a day without those B**stards trying something.....

JD :)

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