Monday, 28 January 2013

DONT Take my word for it ..just read watch and learn

I'm gonna dial back a little on the shock horror language on this post

Only because it speaks for itself ....

Tonight at 20.30 (28/01/13) BBCs Panorama programme will be hopefully revealing the same truths to you as I have been telling you for months ... despite the Beebs shamefull silence on the matter over the past 2 years it appears that enough people have died or been affected by this that even they cannot ignore it anymore (still not a problem shared by the Daily Mail or the Sun btw)

We shall see....

As the Title of this post suggests though I'm not gonna repeat my story, I'm going to let others tell theirs via just one single comment area on one post on a social networking site (I could have just as easily picked a letters page from an online version of a newspaper)

Th******d F*******r 
Its bloody insane. I've been fighting this crappy system for 3 years and I've 
met people who don't believe what its like and assume that there are people 
out there pretending to be ill to claim benefits.

G. Haney
You'd think letters from specialists would be all you needed, i was shocked, 
but never again

A. Povey
People don't seem to want to realise whats going on until they experience the 
horrific treatment at the hands of Atos.

S. Emmerson 
So much for David Cameron stating the sick had nothing to fear what a lie, 
you are advised to go to Atos with as much evidence as possible the rules 
state they have to take notice of this evidence but the reality is they do 
not, any decisions made DWP state they prefer to take the evidence from 
probably a 20 minute assessment with an Atos health specialist whom is 
usually a nurse how can they possibly know everything about all different 
types of illnesses impossible even your own GP does not understand everything
 hence they send you to specialists. DWP do not take any notice of GP letters
 it is rigged to make sure everyone is fit for work, only a slim chance of 
ever being found otherwise with so many things stacked against you. When will 
all this get exposed as a sham.

G. Smith 
I pay my taxes for all the usual reasons, an important one is the belief that 
I will be looked after when my body fails me, so i pay tax to support others, 
who, through no fault of their own, become ill, do not fully recover and need 
support for the rest of their days. I find it appalling that people I know who 
I believe to be extremely unfit for work, are being sent to look for work and 
it might even kill them!! This is fascism as well as all the other awful 
inhumane things it stands for, keep fighting Atos, we are already on a slippery
 slope as a society, sick people being victimsied must be stopped!!!

M. Hockaday
 I honestly don't think that it is a case of not listening, more of one knowing
 how much faith we have in doctors/consultant and believing that right is on our
 side. Pity Cameron and the rest of them weren't! Sad to say Sue, the British
 public or anyone else doesn't give a jot. It has been shown as a scam. One 
death caused by this is one too many but it happens time and time again. 
There's no jobs for able-bodied people never mind us. God help us, 'cos no-one
 else will.....

S. Horn 
I think these people just believe that it can't be happening the way we say it
 is.Its not that they're brainwashed,just that whats happening IS unbelievable.
Then when we try to tell them they're too scared to believe it and need to 
convince themselves that it must only apply to those who were false claimants,
its too awful to consider anything else.The truth is too horrible to accept for 
as long as they can avoid doing so.

 ATOS are telling people that their own GP's aren't able to
 assess whether their patients are fit for work and yet they are?! Of course 
they think they know better, they would. they have the full backing of the 
government and a huge monetary contract to support their bull. It is sick. 
I wouldn't mind so much if they were even a company thats speciality was 
health care but to leave the lives and safety of the British down to a company
 that clearly has a backwards agenda is so wrong and irresponsible. I cant 
believe what this country are doing to their own any more. and cant believe 
that the Great British public are just sitting by and accepting it. to be 
driving the sick, vulnerable and already dying into spending their days, 
sometimes their last days as we all know, worrying and fretting over how they
 are going to manage to eat, heat, even have somewhere to sleep, is one of the
 most disgusting things I have ever experienced. I am having to chase my appeal
 being received as I have been doing for 7 days now and will be calling 
endlessly tomorow too and the way they are "conveniently" losing peoples 
original documentation etc is just another way of blocking people from getting 
what they are entitled to and are in desperate need of. 
when will the people of the UK see exactly what is happening here?!

W. Lozinska 
it really is unbelievable how the sick and disabled are being treated here; 
people are going to get a very nasty shock when it happens to them.

T. Fowler
 Most people don't care because it doesn't have any impact on their lives but 
they are only a accident or acute illness away from this nightmare, the scary 
thing is the total lack of empathy which is encouraged by the government. A 
British government turning its own people against each other is grotesque

K. Todd @G. Smith...
 It's so nice to read that someone with no current health conditions understands
 what those that do are having to deal with and that it is possible they might
 be in the same boat some day.

To most working people, we on benefits are just spongers and scum. They don't 
understand how difficult the application process is now and how yes, it's 
helping to stop the 'benefit cheats', but it's also making life extremely 
difficult for those with genuine health issues. The stress of the whole 
situation is like nothing I've ever experienced before.

So G*****... Thank you for being one of the few that understand what's happening
. It gives me hope that people like myself won't always be hated for a situation
 that really isn't in our hands


To finish someone had made this brilliant video, its ironic, funny and far far too close to the truth for comfort

this is EXACTLY how ATOS twists your own words to use them against you ....

If this post has opened your eyes just a little then please read  "The Spartacus Report" 

It will break your heart


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