Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Just one true story

I would like to share with you one ladies story ....

Jeannie Susan Armstrong
I just discovered a whole load of messages of support and offers of help from readers here in my 'other' message inbox- I just wanted to say a big thankyou to you all. I became officially homeless and destitute on the 8th Jan. So I've lost my family home and then subsequently a rental home. A total income of £60 per week is not sufficient to run a home of any description, let alone support myself,... a dog and cat and three daughters at uni! I'm now sofa surfing which is most odd as a 51 year old lady who has always ran my own home. My possessions are in two garages costing me £ 110 per month. I'm selling things on ebay to pay for the storage. The hardest thing is people I imagined were friends for over 20 years doing absolutely nothing to help me while sitting in their very comfortable homes. I founded a charity for the homeless 22 years ago and next week I've managed to get one of my street homeless chaps an interview at a rehabilitation centre- so I'm still contributing to society despite my circumstances. Two of my girls graduate this year then that will be three of them through uni and well on their way.
The great news is that after 51 years of chronic poor health and losing everything is that my daughter identified a couple of months ago that I'm a Coeliac and it was gluten that was poisoning me for a half a century! So as someone who felt close to death I now am improving and will survive after all. I must say that the fear of being homeless and losing a family nest is worse than the reality. The worse part is the realization that people you thought were close friends don't seem to care very much and won't help you if they can help it. And suddenly homelessness officials expect you to jump through hoops that you can't possibly jump through. It's all a bit twilight zone. It's hard not being able to provide a family home for my daughters- I had to make the youngest homeless at 17. But God is good and I have a diagnosis and people who will let me stay with them for now. And if I end up on the streets I will try and make lemonade out it- It will handy access to the other street homeless and helping them at least! Thanks again to all and God bless you

It cant happen in this country in 2013 ?   at least this inspirational lady is still ALIVE unlike over 10,000 others attacked by this government and its policies ...

I had a heated discussion the other day with a chap who agreed with the policies that are being brought in, I understand somewhat his point of view as before this current crop of Nazis got into power I was the most apolitical person ever ... but once your eyes are opened and the truth seeps in, only a complete bastard (or a Tory politician) would try and deny it ....

I shall continue the fight to open peoples eyes to the danger these people represent..


oh ...and heres some more "inconvenient truths" for you all to digest in case you still dont think they will hit you in the pocket sooner or later ....

Coalition puts the squeeze on benefits and wages

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