Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bulldogs and other frustrations (2)

Well ... since the last post a LOT has happened .. so here goes

First of all thanks to the apathy of the local youth and the shitty recruitment drive that was run ..the Bulldogs Varsity is no more
(at least for this Season .. The Lord Jim hopes to restart it in 2011)

SO .. the remaining players and half of the coaches moved over to The Manchester TITANS for this season, we were all apprehensive about this but the Titans organisation could not have made us feel more welcome, after only one full training session it feels like home for me and a couple of other people as well

There is the inevitable "getting to know you" hurdle to be crossed,  but so far with goodwill on both sides things seem to be going great, the players bonded well on the day which is good because the first competitive game is next Sunday away to Gateshead Senators ... lets hope for a good performance ..

Its gonna be a busy weekend for me as Team photographer as I have dual duty ...on the Saturday I am off to Burnley to photo the Bulldogs JV in Action, then Sunday in Gateshead to Photo the Titans Varsity (with special guest stars the Bulldog exiles)

bet I feel it on Monday :)

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