Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Digital Rights Bill and YOU !!

There is a new digital rights bill being rushed through parliament in the UK ...I REPEAT my earlier statement ..WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DOWNLOADING A TV EPISODE AND WATCHING IT AND RECORDING THE SAME EPISODE OFF TV ? .....answer for those of you having moral qualms about this is .....NOTHING !!!!

and for those of you who dont realise it - BOTH ARE ILLEGAL !! - yet DVD-Rs and VCRs and HD recorders are still for sale in shops ...can you say DOUBLE STANDARDS ?

sometimes the sheer hypocrisy of the media industry galls me ... lets take Sony for instance ..on the one hand they are the leaders in the anti-piracy movement through their record label Sony-BMG .. on the other side they are world leaders in DVD/HD production

so on the one hand they go after downloaders, while on the other make Billions of Pounds by producing the equipment that makes it possible....


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